So today is the day, the time is ticking – who gets your vote in today’s General Election?  Do you want a Tory, Labour or Lib Dem led government?

If you haven’t yet decided, but want to have your say, we at CEL Robox can help.

We have created 3 new political party pledge stones, each of which depicts the main pledges of the three traditionally ‘leading’ parties.

Our stones are based on the now infamous ‘Ed Stone’ which hit the headlines over the weekend as Labour leader Ed Miliband unveiled his 6 key pledges in the form of a giant stone tablet, seemingly suggesting that once the pledges were in stone, they could not be broken.

But not everyone follows Labour, and here at CEL Robox we wanted to give people a fair chance to air their views, and at the same time peruse the three main party’s pledges before placing their votes today.

Anyone can access our designs of the stones to download and print out, by visiting the Tinkercad links below:

The ballot boxes close at 10pm tonight – that should give you just enough time to print out your favourite stones and make your mind up who to vote for!