Time with the family can be tough when there are so many varied interests and easy distractions. Get everyone together with something you can all enjoy.

Retro gaming!

Multi-player classics like StreetFighter, addictive platform games like Mario or the unbeatable ghost filled mazes of Pac-man are so much fun and can hold the attention of any generation.

The retro stand up arcade machines used to just hold one game, now you can play thousands of games on a single machine. All you have to do is plug  it in!

We can deliver a completed and ready to play arcade in stand-up or bench-top form in just a few days. You can choose one of our standard setups or customise everything to make it fit any theme, team or brand. Want a custom football theme? No problem! Classic arcade images or matched trim? Easy!

Our arcade cabinets contain high quality parts which will last and provide a huge level of flexibility for future updates. Updating wont be needed for years but every part can be changed, right down to the screen and the main control unit as more powerful options become available. Adding extra games or altering the software system is also easy and accessible. This isn’t a fad, this system will keep you, your family and an increasing number of guests entertained for many years.

Check out the options for 2 player or 4 player cabinets in our Arcade section or bask in the nostalgia of gaming at our CELCADE site.