Root microSD with preloaded software

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Root software installed onto microSD removable storage to run a Raspberry Pi3 or on most Linux based systems

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Robox Root is a connectivity extension platform for all Robox printers. This is the software which runs that system, hardware is required but not included.  With appropriate hardware you can control and monitor up to 9 Robox units.

We used a Raspberry Pi 3 model B to develop and test this software, others systems may work but we cannot offer support. For a supported product which includes hardware please see the related products Mote™ and Root™.  Hardware packages such as Root or Mote will have technical support, this software only package will not be supported but will receive updates.

Root can be connected via a wired or wireless network to AutoMaker to enable remote control and printing via Root any connected directly to Robox. Multiple Root setups can be accessed from the same AutoMaker installation.

There is a downloadable version of this software available to buy here.

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