RoboxPRO Onboard Software

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RoboxPRO Software Download. Zip file, Zip file, 1.6GB Download, unzips to 3.8GB.

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This RoboxPRO onboard software has an inverted display to suit RoboxPRO and other settings specific to RoboxPRO.

Image file needs to be written to portable storage device, minimum 8GB card required for image. Image size is 3.8GB, if there is more storage the file system will be expanded to fill the card on first load

GZ file, 1.8GB Download, unzips to 3.8GB.

This software is preinstalled on RoboxPRO. Usually you would not need to download this file, it exists for maintenance and ofline updates only.

To access the free AutoMaker software required for Robox please visit

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