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We arrange for shipping of a RoboxPRO from you to us

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Our upgrade and service items include a shipping charge which is calculated based on the location provided in the order. The shipping charge in those other items is intended for us to be able to return the item to you following the service.

This item is a shipping service intended to make it easier and in most cases cheaper for you to send 1 RoboxPRO unit to us in preparation for the service/upgrade. Once you have purchased this item we will contact you to arrange a collection from the address provided or a location more suitable. We will book the shipping and arrange customs forms and duty for the single RoboxPRO unit to be sent to us.

To ship a RoboxPRO unit to us it should be packed in the original box with all the supporting packaging. If this is not possible you should seek advice about packaging from the support portal. The table below shows the dimensions and weight of the original RoboxPRO pacakge including accessories, your package must not exceed any of these weights or dimensions by more than 10%.

Box Dimensions (cm) Gross Weight (kg) Box Dimensions (inches) Gross Weight (lbs)
64.5x62x76.5  27.0 25.4×24.4×30.1 59.5


If the final shipping charge exceeds what we expect due to poor or incorrect packaging, excessive weight or size, or any other reason, we may withhold your items in lieu of payment of these excess fees, no items other than those requested by the support team should be sent.

In many cases the charge for this service will be lower than what is available to users. We will usually attempt to use DHL or a local representative of this courier service, if this service is not suitable or efficient we may use another service. We will book shipping and email shipping labels for you to print and attach to the parcel. We will deal with customs and duty for the delivery to our workshop, if the item is not deliverable due to circumstances outside of our control you will be responsible for all charges relating to the return of the package to you or recovery of costs related to the item, shipping or other charges. Please add a note to your order to let us know which day you would prefer collection to take place. If you miss the collection we have booked you will be liable to pay an admin fee amounting to 50% of the cost of shipping. We reserve the right to refuse this service and refund any payments without notice.

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this product you, the Customer, agree the following:

-The shipping charge calculated by the shop includes 1 RoboxPRO unit shipped from the address provided to our workshop. You, the Customer, will pay for all shipping or delivery fees incurred by CEL UK returning the RoboxPRO unit back to you following the service, including duty, taxes and any other costs. 
-The RoboxPRO must be sent back in suitable packaging to ensure no damage takes place during delivery.  Ideally the RoboxPRO would be sent back in all its original packaging, but if this is not available something equally robust to ensure the unit cannot move around in transit.
-In the rare event that a unit is received and has been significantly modified CEL will either be unable to carry out the system overhaul or you will be contacted prior to any work being carried out to approve additional charges.
-Poorly maintained / damaged / modified parts will only be replaced / cleaned / serviced at cost to customer.  You, the Customer, will be contacted prior to any such work being carried out to approve additional charges.
-In the event CEL is unable to carry out the service, You, the Customer, remain responsible for paying for the return of the unit.
-Additional upgrades not specified in the original purchase may be made as part of this service but must be requested before the servicing plan is formed.
-To use this service the customer must be registered on our service portal and communicate with our service team using this portal – and add their order number as received when purchasing the service through the shop.
-Once purchased, this service should be used within 6 weeks of purchase. To extend the expiry date you should contact us at the earliest possible date, refunds may be refused.

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