RoboxPRO 1 year Business / Pro User Contract

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A service contract intended for professional users who need the assurance that they will have a working machine within a single working day of reporting a fault.

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Enhance your current warranty with a next day exchange service.

Minimal Downtime

Robox has become a vital tool for professional users. If there is a hardware fault, downtime can result in a significant reduction in service levels or lost income. While we are very confident in the reliability of Robox, we know how important it is to be able to deliver on deadlines without the worry of extra costs.

Rapid Response

Any hardware faults diagnosed by our service team before 2pm will be resolved by NBD (next business day) delivery of a fully tested exchange unit. If the fault is with a quick-change part such as the head or extruder then this will be shipped for exchange instead. This is to get the unit up and running so normal operation can resume as quickly as possible. In addition, users will be able to access our expert service team via telephone in normal business hours or via priority ticketing in our online service portal.


Use of this service requires a complete Robox in good condition which is less than 6 months old (proof of purchase will be required). If exchanged, this unit will become part of a pool of machines which is maintained and may be sent to other users of this service. Because the unit you are using may be sent to other users if exchanged, you will be required to keep it in good condition.

Exchange Logistics

Free shipping for service exchanges. In some cases it may be more efficient or sensible for you to ship items to us but we will refund or credit reasonable costs if this is requested of you. Exchange units will be shipped by courier for NBD delivery if a fault is diagnosed before 2pm. Exchange parts will be shipped with an appropriate next-day service. Saturday delivery is available at additional cost per delivery. This contract assumes users are within regular logistics routes. If delivery to you usually incurs additional delivery costs or delays, please contact us for more details as additional charges per delivery will be applicable if our costs are higher.

Service Levels

This policy, including the number of units or parts available for exchange, is subject to fair usage. Misuse of the product or service will result in limitations to the contract and recovery of any costs including, but not limited to, recovery of replacement units and additional measures to recover costs. While the cosmetic appearance of exchange units will vary, any damage which significantly affects the appearance of a product will be charged to the customer. By using this service, the customer agrees to maintain products in good condition and to protect them from harmful environments, substances and rough handling. The customer agrees to pay for damages caused while the unit is in their care. The original unit purchased by the customer may not be returned to them at any time once exchanged. At the end of this contract, the customer will be entitled only to products equivalent to those which were included at the beginning of the contract or newer exchanged units or parts as determined by CEL employees.


Ownership period of consumables extended to double that provided in the standard limited warranty terms. During the Extended Warranty, and after this initial period, consumable hardware replacements may be provided “at cost”.

Note: This service may only be purchased for use with RBX10 RoboxPRO. This service may only be used directly by the business who purchases the service and may not be resold, transferred, offered or provided to any other person or organisation. This service is offered in good faith. CEL may choose to reduce or stop this service without compensation if we suspect it is being abused or not used as we intend it. CEL may alter or stop this service at any time. Where possible, CEL will provide notice of this and refund or credit days remaining of a contract.

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