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This head has an external blower fan that is directed over the nozzles; for PLA and other low temp material users, this will ensure that it solidifies faster. This will mean parts can be printed faster without them loosing shape.

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This head is a simple retraction head introduced to improve PLA printing performance in Robox along with other low temperature materials. We have always focused on producing parts using engineering materials such as ABS and Nylon, these materials perform better at higher temperatures which are not optimal for PLA. This head changes that.

The additional blower fan and ducting on this head help to cool the material quickly as it is deposited resulting in faster solidification. This reduces distortion and improves overhangs and bridging.

The included nozzle is a commonly available 0.4mm brass nozzle which uses a M6 thread. Retraction settings are displayed when the head is attached and the definition file is present. the additional fan is controlled in the normal way using M106 commands, or the cooling options in AutoMaker.

  • Compatible with the HeadLock system
  • Single material
  • Retraction method to stop material flow
  • Nickel Plated Copper Alloy heater block with Brass nozzle for improved thermomechanical performance and lifetime
  • All metal hot end construction with 280°C max
  • Silicone heater block jacket improves heating and stays clean, reducing smell of burning filament
  • Fast heat-up time – ready to print in <1 min
  • Standard M6 threaded nozzle (fitted with Ø0.4mm)
  • Titanium Heat Bridge
  • Cast and machined aluminium cooling fins
  • Heat break fan with smart controls, assists blower fan when commanded over 60% (40mm top mounted)
  • 5015 Blower Fan attached to custom side duct to blow directly on the part

PLEASE NOTE! This is a new head and will not be immediately recognised in the current AutoMaker version 4.01.00. The head definition files and default profiles will be provided as a ZIP until they are included in a future update. Please see this blog post.

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