Robox QuickFill Single Material Head

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This head has 2 nozzles, both of which are fed from a single material feed. The large 0.8mm nozzle can be used to create fast and strong draft prints or anything requiring low detail and thick walls or to quickly fill the internal parts of a print. The 0.3mm nozzle is excellent for small details and very low layer heights.

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This head uses needle valves to close the nozzles to avoid stringing and blobs, it is fitted to Robox via the HeadLock system.

Titanium Heat Bridge – Fully all-metal construction means the head can cope with higher temperatures (>280°C) and the new titanium bridge allows for higher flowrates and reduced likelihood of a clog due to softened filament. Silicone Thermal Jacket – Improves heat-up time, reduces power requirement, increases thermal accuracy, keeps the nozzles clean.

New needle seal design for improved reliability and life. Modified head housing for improved connection reliability with the x-carriage. Improved heatsink with more cooling fins and more efficient thermodynamic performance. PTFE liners where the filament passes through the heatsink, reduced friction and higher flowrates.

  • Dual nozzle system for faster prints
  • Compatible with the HeadLock system
  • All metal hot end construction with 280°C max
  • Detailed perimeter nozzle (Ø0.3mm)
  • Fast infill nozzle (Ø0.8mm)
  • Fast heat-up time – ready to print in <1 min
  • Needle-valve flow control
  • No ooze or stringing between parts

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 8 cm

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