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Dual Material Head featuring needle valves which are unique to Robox and allow far faster and more efficient printing of multiple materials on the same layer, perfect for support materials.

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The best thing about dual material printing is the ability to create parts which were previously difficult or even impossible with a single material printer. By creating a support structure with a material which can peel away or be dissolved from the model easily we can increase the accuracy of overhangs and still remove these supports without damaging the model. A mechanical design engineer can now prototype injection mould designs on their desk without needing to modify the design for ease of printing.

Using a Robox Dual Material Head with needle valves, viscous materials will not leak out, dual material printing will not waste material and time doing purges, wipe towers or heating/cooling operations. Robox nozzles lift out of the way when not in use, they don’t drag across the print or get stored away to dribble in the corner. Ooze, stringing, retracts, don’t apply to Robox, the needle valve system is unique to Robox 3D printers.

2 independently controlled heater elements give high levels of control across an immense range of materials.

On this head the 2 nozzles are the same size and are fed by 2 separate material feeds. Use one nozzle for the build material and the other for easily removable support, or a material with different characteristics for a custom composite, or simply create a multi-colour print. The key purpose of this design is to allow users to create 3D objects which are difficult to print without support structures. Use a suitable material for your model and choose a dissolvable or easily removable, peel away support material. You can select sections of a model and change the material assigned to each part or arrange your 3D model in the optimum orientation and tell the software to generate automatic support using either material loaded.

Needle valves are unique to Robox and allow far faster and more efficient printing of multiple materials on the same layer.

The allowed temperature range will future proof this head for materials not even invented yet.

  • Included as standard with RoboxDual (RBX02) and RoboxPro (RBX10)
  • Print with two different materials or colours in the same layer
  • Compatible with the HeadLock system
  • All metal construction with 280°C max
  • Titanium heatbridges
  • Dual Ø0.4mm nozzles
  • Silicone head jacket to help keep nozzle clean
  • Intelligent and independent heater control
  • Fast heat-up time – ready to print in <1 min
  • Needle-valve flow control
  • No ooze or stringing between parts

RBX01 users please note – this is a replacement / spare head which will only work on a RBX01 Robox if a 2nd Extruder is fitted along with spare parts from the Dual Material Head Kit. If you do not have these parts it will not work as intended.

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