Robox Axis GT2 Timing Pulley

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Aluminium timing pulley for Robox and RoboxPRO

In stock

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GT2 Timing Pulley
GT2 12 Teeth, 2mm Pitch 4mm bore Timing Pulley Wheel
6.8mm between flanges, 14mm total width. includes 2 x M3 grub screws for locking to shaft, tightened with 1.5mm Hex wrench(not supplied) for all 3D Printer / CNC machines. The standard on the market it 20 teeth, these provide more torque and a high resolution.

This Pulley can be used to replace the pulley used on each axis in Robox and RoboxPRO printers. Please request guidance from the support portal for fitting. Never work on the printer while power is connected, including the USB cable.

Price is for one pulley.

2 pulleys are used in Robox and RoboxDual.

3 pulleys are used in RoboxPRO.

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Dimensions 21 × 17 × 2 cm


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