Robox and RoboxDual Upgrade & Overhaul – Option 1

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Assessment for possible damage, wear and tear; plus a strip down, clean and calibration of your existing Robox

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This complete system overhaul is for customers who want to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of our in-house engineers to service and calibrate their machines.

Our expert engineers will completely strip your Robox unit back to the bare basics, clean and lubricate, conduct a string of tests and ensure everything is running smoothly alongside the latest version of the Automaker™ software.

Most importantly, by sending your Robox in-house for testing and upgrade, you are reducing any risk of damage to the machine, and possible invalidation of your warranty.

The Full System Overhaul Includes:

1. A full assessment of the unit for possible damage, wear and tear.
2. A partial strip down clean and lubrication of the unit.
3. Replacement of Bed AC cable.
4. Replacement of Carriage housings to latest revision if not already fitted.
5. Calibration of print head.
6. Unit run through our test software and any issues addressed.
7. Unit completes our run of test prints successfully before return.

To request any of our services please buy the appropriate item from our web-shop then create a ticket on the service portal quoting the order number provided by the shop. For further details or to talk through this service please contact us through the service portal, where we will be happy to answer any of your questions or via our contact form.

Terms and Conditions

By signing up to the Robox Full System Overhaul you, the Customer, agree the following:

-You, the Customer, will pay for all shipping or delivery fees incurred by CEL UK returning the Robox unit back to you following the service, including duty, taxes and any other costs. The shipping charge calculated by the shop includes 1 Robox unit shipped to the address provided.
-The Robox must be sent back in suitable packaging to ensure no damage takes place during delivery.  Ideally the Robox would be sent back in all its original packaging, but if this is not available something as equally robust to ensure the unit cannot move around in transit.
-In the rare event that a unit is received and has been significantly modified CEL will either be unable to carry out the system overhaul or you will be contacted prior to any work being carried out to approve additional charges.
-Poorly maintained / damaged / modified parts will only be replaced / cleaned / serviced at cost to customer.  You, the Customer, will be contacted prior to any such work being carried out to approve additional charges.
-In the event CEL is unable to carry out the service, You, the Customer, remain responsible for paying for the return of the unit.
-Additional upgrades not specified in the original purchase may be made as part of this service but must be requested before the servicing plan is formed.
-To use this service the customer must be registered on our service portal and communicate with our service team using this portal – and add your order number as received when purchasing the service through the shop.
-Once purchased, this service should be used within 6 weeks of purchase. To extend the expiry date you should contact us at the earliest possible date, refunds may be refused.
-Consumable parts will not be replaced as part of this upgrade. Items such as heads or parts of heads, bowden tubes, print surfaces and extruders can be replaced on request but will need to be ordered and paid for by the customer prior to installation.

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