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This is a simplified Print head without a nozzle to allow you to fit a nozzle diameter of your choice from the many aftermarket nozzles available.

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This is a simplified head which is designed for experimentation using the Robox motion platforms, it uses retraction rather than valves to control flow of material. It will fit any Robox which uses the HeadLock system. The Head comes with no nozzle fitted to allow you to fit the nozzle of your choice from the wide range of nozzles available for standard 3D Printers.

The current head profiles within automaker for the single X head are setup for a 0.6mm nozzle, open a support ticket on our support portal for information on how to edit these profiles for using a different diameter nozzle.

When fitting a nozzle the heatblock must be held with a 10mm spanner while the nozzle is tightened or you risk snapping the titanium heat bridge of the head. Additional Brass washers are included to ensure a seal between your nozzle and heatblock.



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