AutoMakerPRO control and slicing software for Robox 3D printers

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This is a software licence which is linked to the serial number of one or more Robox 3D printers. The licence unlocks PRO features inside AutoMaker, basic functionality is available without this licence. This licence is valid for 12 months. Support for this software may be provided for 12 months from the date of purchase. The licence file will be generated manually and attached to your support ticket by our support team on the first working day after purchase. Please contact us for other licence configurations.

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AutoMaker runs on most current operating systems in many languages.

A simple and intuitive interface has been designed over a powerful and controllable back end.

A novice user only needs to load some filament, choose from Draft, Normal and Fine print modes and place their model in the software. Pressing Make does the rest. 3 very easy steps with no prerequisite knowledge.

Advanced users will find plenty of control to manage the finest details within a print or material profile. These profiles can be edited and shared with other users in the community.

AutoMakerPRO expands the capability of the basic package:

  • CuraEngine behind Cura 4+ (updates regularly)
  • G-Code visualiser. Sliced code can be previewed before printing with lots of powerful features.
  • Offline Printing, configure and slice for a virtual printer. Save the generated files for access later or transfer over a network.

AutoMaker runs in Java which is compatible with a wide range of operating systems. We have designed and tested it for use on recent Windows, Apple and Linux  systems. Cura is used as a slicing engine but you never need to see it, everything is controlled within AutoMaker.

Software is actively maintained and updates come often. If connected to the web the software checks for updates on startup.

Download the basic version below, if you have this installed and updated already then you can skip this step.

Licence activation steps required to access the features of AutoMakerPRO:

  • Purchase this item.
  • Create a support ticket at and name it “Licence Request”.
    Please include your order number in the title or description to help us link the requests. Complete the ticket fields and make sure your serial number is included. If you use multiple Robox please add the other serials to the description. You can find the serial numbers in several locations Note that only one of the licenced Robox units needs to be connected periodically to activate AutoMakerPRO.
  • Save the licence file somewhere safe and easy to remember.  We recommend placing it in your documents folder eg \Documents\CEL Robox\
  • Open AutoMaker and click the question mark in the top right corner of AutoMaker.
  • Connect one of the Robox units identified by the serial number/s sent in your email. This unit will need to be connected to activate the licence. It runs on a timer so can be swapped and disconnected for a period but will need to be used to re-activate the licence on request.

Minimum OS version supported:

  • Windows 7+ 64bit
  • MacOS X 10.6+
  • Ubuntu Linux 12.04+ 64bit

Recommended OS version:

  • Windows 10+ 64bit
  • MacOS 10.14+ 64bit
  • Ubuntu Linux 18.04+ 64bit

File types currently supported (to expand):

  • .stl
  • .obj

Please note that software purchases are non-refundable. If you are unsure about the extra capability, please order our 15 day free trial before purchasing the annual contract.

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