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You wasted your childhood but don’t stop now, share this memorable but entirely fruitless addiction with the next generation and make sure nothing important gets in the way.

This high quality, easy to assemble and use arcade system which can run thousands of classic arcade games will excite the whole family and is a real crowd pleaser.

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RetroPie Arcade Machine 2 Player Modular Cabinet 24″ LCD Speakers Pi Bartop

This arcade system is modular, please select the version you want from the dropdown above;

  • BARTOP CABINET – flat packed – The bare flat packed table top unit, including all fixtures and fittings, banded edges and routed groove ready for adding T-trim.
  • CABINET STAND – flat packed – The bare floor standing cupboard, flat packed with shelf and all fixtures and fittings ready to add T-trim. (supplied with 4 coach bolts to secure Bartop cabinet on top)
  • BARTOP ARCADE – complete – This is a finished Bartop Arcade Machine complete with a 24” screen, two player joystick, buttons, Raspberry Pi, PSU, sound system, coloured T trim of your choice (blue as default) and all parts to complete your machine, a plug and play solution.
  • FLOOR STANDING ARCADE – complete – This is a finished full sized, floor standing Arcade Machine complete with a 24” screen, two player joystick, buttons, Raspberry Pi, PSU, sound system, coloured T trim of your choice (blue as default) and all parts to complete your machine. The upper and lower parts can be separated and are secured together with 4 coach bolts giving you more cupboard space for accessories, this is a plug and play solution.

The design and parts for our cabinets are the very best on the market today, robust and easy to assemble.

The standard system is a full size free-standing retro style arcade machine with robust authentic buttons and sticks. This is the coolest addition to any home, office or cave which bridges all ages and gets people playing together. We generally run RetroPie on this system which is extremely easy-to-use, a well-developed and maintained open source system.  The distribution licences for this software don’t allow the pre-installation on a system for sale but it is extremely easy to do and we can walk you through it step by step, some customers have asked us to purchase SD cards on their behalf. This is the only thing you will need to get playing along with the game ROM of your choice, there are 10000’s available, free to download, there are even card images complete with all the games you could ever want and RetroPie pre-installed.

Just a few of the games available to play

Pac-Man : Tekken 3 : Donkey Kong : Space Invaders : Track & Field : Bust-A-Moves : Defender : Street Fighter : Super Mario Bros. : Sonic The Hedgehog : Super Mario Kart : The Legend Of Zelda : Tetris : Streets Of Rage : Paperboy : Super Metroid : Outrun : Sensible Soccer : Chuckie Egg : and so many more it’s impossible to list.

RetroPie Includes emulators for all your favourite consoles

Atari 2600 :Atari 7800 :Atari Lynx : GCE Vectrex : NEC TurboGrafx-16 : Nintendo 64 : Nintendo Entertainment System : Nintendo Super NES : Nintendo Game Boy : Nintendo Game Boy Color : Nintendo Game Boy Advance : Nintendo Virtual Boy : Sega 32X : Sega CD : Sega Master System : Sega Genesis : Sega Game Gear : Sega Saturn : SNK Neo Geo : SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color : Sony PlayStation : Sony PSP : and more.

The cabinet is designed for quick and easy assembly using dowels and cam-locks and unique lift up front panel to gain access to amp and button backs. The upper and lower cabinet are well finished with magnetic latches and IKEA style inset hinges. The base is detachable and secured with 4 large coach bolts.

The top panel has a RGB LED array which is controlled with a wireless infrared remote.

This fully finished systems includes:

  • The desktop cabinet, with full height floor standing cupboard cabinet and T-trim.
  • RGB LED top panel with infrared controller
  • Full HD LCD Flat Panel Monitor (screen type subject to change without notice)
  • 2x 8-way micro switched joysticks
  • 16x backlit coloured buttons in the pattern of your choice (default is standard Japanese arcade)
  • USB 2 player arcade controller interface
  • 2x Speakers
  • 22 watt stereo MOSFET sound amplifier
  • IEC inlet Socket with switch
  • UK Power lead and plug
  • Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 4
  • 5v and 12v power supply
  • 4-way internal socket, wired to switched C14 IEC inlet, includes kettle lead
  • Customised Graphics are an option, please contact us for details

Pleases see the picture for over all dimensions.

Fabricated and assembled in our UK office from all new parts except the LCD screen which is pre-used to keep the cost as low as possible. We ensure that the screen function correctly and are in good overall condition, all parts covered by our warranty.

To be clear, we do not supply this product with any software, the hardware is designed to run RetroPie,we can help you install this but can’t offer support that is not hardware related. The software is well maintained and there is a large community based around it that can help with any topic you raise.

As we’ve mentioned, we can’t supply you with the SD card image but we can share the links to download and burn it to your SD card. If you would like we are more than happy to walk you through these steps.

LEAD TIME. Made to order, typically shipped within 3 working days. We will let you know on the first working day after your order if there is additional delay.

HARDWARE CUSTOMISATION. We can customise any aspect of the system to match your requirements; Adjusting – materials, profile shape or size, button layout, screen orientation, Plexiglas top, Raspberry Pi4 etc. just talk to us about what you want and we can agree the design changes and build you dream machine. Contact us for any customisations.

SHIPPING NOTE. We can offer local collection from BS20 7AY by appointment – Please order as normal. Prices for UK shipping are as displayed. For shipping to EU and outside the UK or in areas which have higher shipping charges we will provide an adjustment quote after your order.

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BARTOP CABINET – flat packed, CABINET STAND – flat packed, WALL HANGING – flat packed, FLOOR STANDING CABINET – flat packed, BARTOP ARCADE – complete, FLOOR STANDING ARCADE – complete, FLOOR STANDING 2pc Deluxe ARCADE – complete

Arcade Pi Version

No Electronics, Raspberry Pi 3b+, Raspberry Pi 4b 4Gb