58 piece set of blade, grinder and sanding accessories for Oscillating Multi-tools

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Full Accessory Set of attachments for use with any CEL Oscillating Multi-tool and many other brands

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AP10 is the perfect starter pack for almost any oscillating multi-tool including a huge selection of cutting, sanding, grinding and polishing accessories which will allow you to make use of the amazing versatility of CEL or many other multi-tools.

CEL OIS is an Oscillating Interface System which CEL has created to allow these blades to fit any CEL Multi-tool including +Ion, +IonPRO and 14.4V models and the majority of other brands. These include Bosch, Makita and any tool which can use blades from these brands directly. (These blade do not directly fit Fein tools)

This set is an upgrade from the extremely successful AP05 set, along with the great blades from that set it includes larger sanding sheets and pad, even more blades and the new CEL OIS fitting system.

What’s in the box?
1x AC01- Carbide Grit Semicircle saw blade 65mm
1x AC02 – Diamond Coated Semicircle saw blade 65mm
1x AC03 – Carbide Rasp Finger
1x AC04 – Delta Carbide Rasp
1x AC06 – Sanding Finger Pad
5x AC07-40G – Finger Sanding Sheet
5x AC07-80G – Finger Sanding Sheet
5x AC07-120G – Finger Sanding Sheet
5x AC07-180G – Finger Sanding Sheet
5x AC07-220G – Finger Sanding Sheet
1x AC11 – 34mm End Cut for Metal
1x AC12 – 34mm End Cut for Wood
1x AC13 – D Shape for Wood
1x AC14 – Stainless Steel Scraper
1x AC15 – 10mm End Cut for Wood
1x AC16 – Delta Polishing Pad
1x AC18 – 34mm End Cut for Masonry
1x AC29 – 90mm Delta Sanding Pad
5x AC30-40G – 90mm Delta Sanding Sheet
5x AC30-80G – 90mm Delta Sanding Sheet
5x AC30-120G – 90mm Delta Sanding Sheet
5x AC30-180G – 90mm Delta Sanding Sheet

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