I was really excited to meet Gordon Attenborough and Mark Reynard from The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), to be interviewed about the fact the Robox looks set to be one of the world’s first ‘plug and print’ 3D Printers.
Gordon and the IET team visited our offices in Portishead and spent a day with the team, learning more about the capabilities of both our hardware and software.

Pleasingly, the Robox behaved beautifully, producing some great prints, and I was able to demonstrate how the software interacts with the hardware, as well as taking the unit apart to show the ‘gubbins’ inside the print head, as well as some of the more unique properties of the machine such as our filament feed.

The great thing about the IET is that they are a team which is passionate about working to engineer a better world, and that’s exactly what we at CEL are all about.  Our mission is to design and engineer products which can be accessed by everyone; including people who have knowledge of engineering and how things work, and people who don’t.  The key thing behind each and every one of our designs is usability.

We’re delighted with the resulting video and interview, as it demonstrates just how the Robox might soon find its way into schools, colleges, universities and homes.

We hope our affiliation with the IET will continue, as support from our customers, kickstarter backers, and like-minded organisations is what will be the driving force behind the Robox project.