We are happy to be exhibiting the Robox 3D printer at the TCT show for the second year running, on 30th September and 1st October 2015.

If you want to see the Robox in action, please visit Stand C25 in Hall 3A as we’d be delighted to meet you.

The Robox printer has evolved significantly since its introduction at last year’s show – media interest has reached an all-time high and the product is making its mark as something a bit different on the 3D printing scene.

The key difference between the Robox and other 3D printers currently available on the market is that it is the only multi-manufacturing platform in the world – the unique HeadLock™ system will enable users to change functions from 3D printing to paste extrusion, drag knife cutting, pick and place, plotter pen printing … the sky is the limit.

The very next head will be the dual material head – still within the realms of 3D printing, but again setting the Robox apart from its competitors as it will enable users to print in different colours, and with different materials but without the need to print ‘ooze shield shapes’ and ‘nozzle wipe towers’ which other printers currently need to prevent colour bleeds and oozing filament.

Guests at the TCT show may be offered a glimpse of the dual material head prototypes, which are currently a work in progress and due for launch later this year.

Following the dual material head will be the drag knife cutter, and our demonstrators on the stand would be happy to discuss the benefits of this new head at the show, as well as other plans for the Robox.

Guests who visit the stand will witness first-hand the capabilities of the Robox, including our bespoke AutoMaker™ software, the dual nozzle technology, the smart extruder, the bed levelling and so on.

Hope to see you there!