During the development of ‘Mote’ we purchased a few different screens to see which was best combination of cost,  size and function. We finally decided to go with a 5″ screen resistive touch LCD screen with a 480×800 resolution to keep the cost as low as possible to ensure as many users as possible could use the technology. This meant we had a couple of the more expensive official Raspberry Pi 7″ capacitive touch screen with the same resolution left in the office. So they wouldn’t go to waste we drew up an enclosure that suited our requirements, printed them and we put them to work in the office.

To celebrate our newly coded Mote and RoboxPro interface we thought it would be nice to release this case design to you. If you have one of these screens, or wanted to upgrade your mote by purchasing one here is the STL file Mote7in-stl.zip.

With this file you can print the case, you will need to buy, the Mote software, a Pi setup and this screen.

If there is demand we can make the parts and the complete unit available on our shop.

The case has been design to require no support when printed on a Robox or RoboxDual in 3 parts that requiring gluing together when finished, or it can be printed in one piece on the RoboxPRO, there is an included support part.

The 3 parts of the Mote 7″ on the Robox ready to print.


The 1 piece design ready to print on the RoboxPRO, using PolySupport break away support material

Included in the pack of STL files are a removable foot or shelf bracket.


We use one in the office to network enable 4 Robox printers on a 5 shelf Tree so every one in the office can share this resource.