Innovation in design and engineering

When talking about innovation in 3D printing we must recognise the individual and team inventions that Hideo Kodama, Charles W. Hull and S. Scott Crump brought to the world in the 80’s and the contributions of reprap communities who embraced FDM / FFF technology when the patent ended in 2009 and shared a lot of tools and new methods publicly.

Since then there have been thousands of printers released based on these methods and hardware designs. For FDM / FFF methods there have been a few variations on the basic motion frame design such as delta printers and certainly improvements in construction and software control. The designs today are very recognisable in the way they move to place and manipulate materials, surprisingly little innovation in 10+ years.

Innovation features a lot in Robox descriptions because we innovate. Our 3D printers now and our tools in the past have all had features and functions which competitors lack. Recent new releases of 3D printers across the market have shown almost zero hardware innovation. CEL-UK are different, we have approached every challenge and created an efficient solution.

The following features appeared in Robox 3D printers before any other.