The first layer of a print is the most important. If it comes unstuck it is wasted time and material or at worst it gets jammed in the printer and damages something. Robox created the first and still the most advanced print surface mapping algorithm for 3D printers. The bed is probed in 9 places before every print, it takes a few seconds. The two independent Z motors can now drive the nozzle along this surface to ensure that the first layer thickness is constant across the whole build plate. Over the first few layers this effect is washed out until it is completely flat. This method ensures better surface adhesion and higher accuracy.

Before a print starts the bed and nozzles need to be heated, Robox takes all the required heater settings from the SmartReel™ and heats both bed and nozzles in a very short time, <4mins for even the hottest settings. Next Robox will probe the bed in 9 locations, it builds a topographic map of the bed surface every time it starts a print and uses this data to ensure the nozzles are precisely distanced from the bed surface. Other 3D printers call this levelling the bed or gantry, usually a manual operation, Robox does it automatically.