I’m watching over Chris Elsworthy’s shoulder – actually under his armpit…he is a tall man – while eating my lunch.

There is a definite sense of excitement in the office.  We are usually heads down working hard to bring the many elements of Robox from plan to reality. Right now though, everyone is watching Chris’s desk.

Following closely behind some unrepeatable language and burned fingers there is a print happening in one of our prototype Robox dual nozzle 3d printer units.
This print is the first of its kind, not the content but the method. It has come from months of work on electronics, firmware and software as well as a very simple but ingenious mechanical nozzle change system.

2 different size nozzles operating on a single set of instructions to build an object. Using the fine nozzle for the outline and details while using the large nozzle to fill the parts. There is a lot of fine tuning to do but the test print I can see is progressing really fast. Hours of sketching, theory, coding and design have finally come to this AND ITS AWESOME!

Chris E, Ian H and Ben W, nice work chaps.