Please follow these instructions to ensure installation is safe and successful. Please also create a support ticket to inform us that you are attempting this installation yourself. This will allow us to assist you and to provide any updated instructions.

Please do not attempt to install this kit if your Robox is suffering from any other faults or not working correctly. Prior faults must be rectified before installation.

The Robox Dual Material Kit requires AutoMaker version 2.01.03 or better. Download the latest software here.

You should watch the instructional video series on YouTube below. Please watch this video before starting the installation process and follow it during the process, pause and review it as required. Written instructions are provided on the video via the YouYube closed caption system. Ensure all required tools are present and in good condition. If you feel that you are not able to install these parts yourself please see this service product.

Please note that have been some changes which are not shown in this video, read amendments here (Support page login required).