RoboxPRO is on the cover of Develop3D April 2018 magazine!

On the 4 page spread inside you will learn about the CEL development of Robox and how we are proud to see that so many of our early innovations have been so widely duplicated in competitors to improve the ease of 3D printing for everyone. In a market where so many machines shown no innovation at all over the past 5 years, Robox has lead the way in terms of new features. Such as dual material printing and material control, adaptive bed levelling and automated setup, filament delivery sensing and error response, reel recognition and simplified user interface.

Read the article to find out why CEL made a 3D printer and the key design intent for the development process and how we used our manufacturing experience to offer a machine with such advanced features at such a low price.

Find the April 2018 edition here, free if you are registered from the UK.

You can also read the web article here

The big change with this machine is that it is manufactured not in the Far East, but in CEL’s Portishead factory near Bristol.