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Valve open material gap

Juan Barbini
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Hi Guys!
I have noticed that with the filament I am using (3rd party petg) there is a "groove" of filament when the valve opens in the outer wall. This is very consistent with each part I print.
I tried calibrating the head several times, always waiting the small part of filament on the nozzle.
I also tried changing eject volume, changing the filament diameter (in this case i measured 1.72mm), and now I am testing with flow rate and feed rate.
But as you can see the problem is only when the valve open in the outer wall, otherwise makes the outer wall very well.
So I think it is a problem when the valve opens, but I dont know what other parameter to set.
Mike suggested that the groove is under extrusion, editing the gcode in the parts of "G1 B1 F150 E0.30" could improve, but I would like to know what AM parameter do I have to edit to improve this. 
Any suggestion?
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Topic starter Posted : 6th July 2021 2:48 pm
Former USA Robox Support Moderator

Check the filament multiplier. Print a box using the spiral print mode and measure the walls with calipers or micrometer. Adjust the extrusion width up and down until the measured wall thickness is the same as the extrusion width. 

That usually fixes this type of issue for me. If not, during a print type M999 and see what the bDelta values are. It may be the head is starting to fail and the valves aren't moving correctly.

Posted : 7th July 2021 2:33 am
Juan Barbini
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Hi ben!

Thanks for the replay.

I made a 10x10x10 cube with Spiral mode with my actual config.

I measured the walls and they marked arround 0.43-0.44. 

Now I lower the feed rate to see if the wall prints more fine. 


Other thing, I used the M999 command and I received values from 0.124 when the head was cold, and 0.118 when it is printing. 


What are these values?

Topic starter Posted : 12th July 2021 1:43 pm
Former USA Robox Support Moderator

@juan15pablo If the wall is thinner, change the filament multiplier by adding 0.01 or 0.02 and testing again. If it is thicker than the extrusion width, subtract 0.01 or 0.02 and test again. Don't change the feed rate.

BDelta is a measure of the position accuracy of the nozzle actuator. Large values indicate a failure to position. Yours are on the high end but still within operating limits. If it exceeds 0.150 the actuator is failing.

Posted : 12th July 2021 2:16 pm

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