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Storing printheads  

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What is the correct protocol for longer printhead storage?
When I do not use the printhead for several weeks or months, what is the correct storage procedure? For example, if I have printed PLA filament with the head, will it not start to decompose in the print head and result in unfavorable chemical processes in the nozzles, which could lead to clogging later?

Posted : 22nd June 2020 7:41 am
USA Robox Support Moderator

@nagyandrass The small amount of material left in the print head does not pose an issue for the print head. In addition, the head is now cool, meaning the material inside is inert, just like the parts that were printed. 

Even PLA does not decompose rapidly enough to make a problem with a stored print head. It takes several hundred years to break down when left out in the weather. It is a bio-plastic only because it can be broken down by commercial digesters. Leaving any material in the print head for years will not pose issues. Every Robox print head is tested with PLA at the factory. I have seen print heads that have sat in the machine for five years after sale and they work just the same as a brand new print head. 

As the material in the print head is solid and inert, the orientation does not matter. I tend to store mine with the nozzles up since the fan makes a nice flat part, but it literally makes no difference how it is stored. 

I do recommend a purge before using a print head that has been sitting for a while, only to clear out any material that may have absorbed moisture during storage. 

Posted : 23rd June 2020 5:13 am

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