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Printer doesn't turn on.  

James Innes
New Member Customer

So I bought a second hand Robox on ebay, it's worked fine for a year. Today while printing I have no idea what happened I kept getting nozzle control errors and then heating element errors for the left nozzle.

The whole printhead then began smoking! I aborted it, ejected the filament, turned the printer off and then removed the printhead. There was a lot of filament melted up into everything.

I took the printhead apart, cleaned out all of the melted filament put it all back together again.

When I put the printhead back onto the printer and turned it on the fan on the printer (not the printhead) went insane and the bed started heating up, I panicked and turned it off at the switch and now it wont turn back on at all.

I thought maybe I had blown the fuse but I tried changing that and it didn't work.

I realise I have done something to mess it up, and from a cursory glance at google it sounds like I've blown something on the mainboard. 

Can anyone give me any advice?


Posted : 15th May 2020 7:30 pm
Former USA Robox Support Moderator

@james-innes I suspect you have shorted the power cable in the head, probably by driving a screw through it. This may have damaged the power supply. You should open a support ticket to get further assistance.

The Robox print head is not user serviceable. You should not disassemble the print head without instruction from Support on a support ticket. I suspect that your print head has blown a valve seal and will have to be replaced. Support can walk you through what you need to do to determine if the printer is dead also, but the first thing is to remove the print head and then turn on the printer and see if that resolves the issue. If so you may have gotten lucky. If not, you are looking at a damaged power supply and possibly also a damaged mainboard.

Posted : 16th May 2020 12:04 am

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