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Print Head not recognised

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Hey everyone,

I've been trying to fix an issue with the extruder not pushing the filament through and ultimately starving the head of filament, but I believe i may have got to the root of that problem. Before taking the extruder out for maintenance I removed the head using the setting within AutoMaker and then physically removed the head. I removed the extruder and separated it from the bowden tube and then re attached everything and turned the machine back on.


I seem to be unable to get the head to show up in AutoMaker. I've done nothing different to previous times I've removed the head, but I keep getting the message: "Switch off the printer and attach a head" before I can print anything. The fan and headlights are both functional, it cant seem to recognise the head.


I've cleaned the connections on the back and checked all of the cables going to the print head and nothing is glaringly obvious. 


Hopefully its just one thing that I've missed (I'm just starting out in my 3D printing journey so I'm learning things as I go) and that it can be resolved easily.


Thanks in advance 👍 

Topic starter Posted : 11th May 2022 10:48 am
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This is usually due to one of several damage problems and may be due to another issue that can possibly be solved without parts.

1. The POGO pins on the head carriage are worn out or damaged. There were some very old units that had pins that would wear out. If yours is one of these you will need a new head carriage PCB. 

2. Damage to the ribbon cable. If the ribbon cable is worn it can break and not be obvious. This is especially true if you have the old version that isn't in the cable chain. If you have the ribbon cable and power cable in a cable chain you should be fine. 

3. The retaining screw in the back of the head carriage may have broken and doesn't hold the head tight anymore. This requires a new screw. 

Try this also:

With the printer turned on, open AutoMaker, click Settings and Print Head. There will be a button for Reset on the bottom of the page. You may need to enable Advanced Mode first. If that button is gray, your head is not detected. If it is white, the head is detected but the head data has been wiped. Turn off the printer and remove the head. Write down the serial number, and then reinstall the head. Turn on the printer and click Reset under the head page. Enter the data, making sure you choose the right head type! You may have to scroll to see them all. Then enter your print head serial number and recalibrate the print head. If you have any questions about this process open a support ticket.

Posted : 12th May 2022 4:04 am

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