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TRansforming tool: Rotate is still too cumbersome  

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Please display the model axis points.  X, Y and Z.

Lean?  Twist?  Turn? come on, what is this.          Just label it X, Y, Z so we can match it with the display.   

You have to type in Numbers to rotate?    Why not buttons that just flip (x, y , Z) in 90 degree increments + a "type degrees number" box also for each axis. 

In newest Automaker,  Twist, and Turn do exactly the same thing for me.  Its impossible to get what I want.

Sometimes to get the orientation, I have to combo up Twist and Leans to position something right. 

Reset the transforms to Zero each time I rotate something maybe.


After so many years of this program, this interface is.... beyond outdated.  Makerbot software has such a simple easy to use interface 6 years ago when rotating a model..  I often use it just to orientate a model faster.  


Posted : 11th April 2020 8:11 am
Former USA Robox Support Moderator

@fehr While I can understand the frustration, the AutoMaker rotation controls are pretty easy to use once you understand them. I switch between AutoMaker and PrusaControl, which uses normal rotations, easily. 

In AutoMaker, you control three axis - the model Z and Y and the bed Z. Lean is the model Y axis, front to back on the model itself. Twist is the model vertical axis. Turn is the bed Z axis. The best process for AutoMaker is to use the Lay Flat function and then tweak as needed. 

If the model and the bed Z axes align, twist and turn will do the same thing.

To my knowledge there are no plans to change this functionality. This means you will probably need to practice with the controls to get the results you would like. I suggest using a model that isn't symmetric to get the best understanding of how the functions work. 

Posted : 11th April 2020 6:35 pm
Eminent Member

Its cumbersome at best.  unintuitive design.   Its time for a dev to update and change it. 


Posted : 26th May 2020 6:35 pm
Darren Lusty
Eminent Member

@fehr I agree, it's not clear at all what lean, twist and turn mean. There's no explanation in the manual either. It's pretty standard across 3D programs to have rotation circles with a red, green and blue colour scheme. Automaker could really use these.

That said generally once you've chosen Lay Flat and selected which surface touches the bed, the only one you ever need to change is Turn.

At the moment when clicking the Lay Flat button nothing happens, an instruction on the screen telling you to click on a surface would be good, and also an option to cancel it.

Posted : 31st July 2020 12:49 pm

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