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Custom eject for high temp materials

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I want to make an eject macro for high temp material since the default not always eject those materials correctly. I intended to use the normal eject as a start but 40 degrees higher temperature. The problem is that there are a lot of different files in the macro folder with the name "eject" and I don't know there to start. I tried a little but couldn't make it to work. Whatever I did it always heat extruder 2, not 1.

Something like this:

???                    ;Select extruder T0/Select right hand nozzle

M106                ;Fan on

M104 S200      ;Set & heat nozzle to eject temp 200 deg

M109                ;Wait for nozzle to get to temp.

G0 E-50            ;Eject Filament a few mm

M104 S165      ;Go to snap temperature 165 deg

M109                ;Wait for nozzle to get to temp.

M104 S50        ;Begin reducing temperature to 50 without waiting

G0 E-1200        ;Eject Filament

M109                ;Wait until 50 degrees reached

M104 S0           ;Switch off the heaters

M107                ;Turn off Fan

M84                  ;Motors Off

Topic starter Posted : 27th August 2021 5:45 am
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M104 heats the nozzles to the temperature on the reel. You can also specify a nozzle us S or T.

Eg this line will heat material 1 to 200°C:

M104 S200 ;Set & heat nozzle to eject temp

But this line will heat material 2 to 180°C:

M104 T180 ;Set & heat nozzle to eject temp

Or you could heat both nozzles like this:

M104 S200 T180 ;Set & heat nozzle to eject temp

Or any combination to ensure a nozzle was not heated:

M104 S200 T180 ;Set & heat nozzle to eject temp

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Posted : 27th August 2021 3:18 pm

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