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Apart from being able to see a preview of the print, what else can pro do? 


I have it and don't see any easy way to edit the build structure volume, or change the main build material so that the layering is thicker at the start of the print and finner as the print hits the top A-surfaces. 


Do people use a different program, then import into automaker? 

Topic starter Posted : 18th March 2021 12:52 pm
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@simon2 AutoMaker Pro is built on Cura4 and should have all the functionality thereof, unless there is something that the Robox specific functions don't allow to be active. However, some of the functions are not accessible by default. If you will open a support ticket you can get assistance turning on the specific features you are looking for. 

You can't by default slice and then import into AutoMaker since other slicers don't control the nozzle valves and AutoMaker doesn't have a gCode import function.

There may be a way to import a slice and then have AutoMaker post-process, but it will be at your own risk and may not work. 

Posted : 20th March 2021 12:34 am
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@simon2 What are you trying to do?

Are you after an adaptive layers feature, which is the Cura 4+ implementation of the variable layer feature in Slic3r. If so you are in luck, the AutoMakerOS build I have compiled and modded has some added Cura 4.8 functionality built in to the AutoMaker GUI.

If you swap out the slicermappings.dat in the PrintProfiles folder & print_profile_settings.json and fdmprinter.json files in the Cura4 folder, you’ll will have some added functionality. If you go along to the “Unofficial Robox Printer Group” here ...

... you will get some idea of what is possible with the standard AutoMakerPro with supplemental Cura 4.8 additions. It’s early days, so it’s not as refined as it can be yet, but hopefully the AutoMaker GUI can be tweaked to bring out a few more features. :)


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Posted : 21st March 2021 10:34 pm

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