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AutoMaker 4.02.00 bugs (UI Lights/Bed Temperature)

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I've just setup my Dual Head again :) and found a few bugs in AutoMaker 04.02.00

Platform : Both Windows and MacOS latests with and without Root.

Bug 1: Bed display while printing - yellow info box with Target temperature and possibility to update (advanced) - does not update when bed set temperature change. So if material is set to 110c first and 100 after - the yellow Bed only info box will still show 110 - and not change to 100 as it should. The multi temp window changes fine (Heads/Bed/Ambient)

Bug 2: Turning on / off of Lights  - first time you press it does NOT invert the current selection (toggle) If lights are on and you press "Lights button" - nothing happens. 2nd time you press it turns off. I guess it is hard coded to being "off" from beginning despite printer lights are on?

Feature Request: Show Lights (and Head Fan) in different colour dependent if it is ON or OFF.

Feature Request: Make WHITE light the default print light - blue light is really bad when camera is connected. Blue light should really indicate that printer is safe to open (Blue = cold) - and would it be possible to have modulated lights ? (turn intensity up/down?)

Now off to clear out extruder 1 for usual stuck material somewhere :(


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Bug 1: Print Adjustments Bed Temperature Display: Confirmed behavior. 

Bug 2: Behavior is by design. The ambient light control toggles colored to off to white. If your ambient light color is set to white the button will toggle white - off - white, which will appear to be white - white - off, or that the first toggle doesn't do anything.

The Light button isn't a toggle. It is a menu so the color of the button to enter the menu can't change since it is always active. The user will need to look at the lights to see if the change has been made. This operation is the same as the eject filament button, however, the eject filament button will gray out when no filament is loaded. The lights are always adjustable so the menu button will remain white. If you would like to clarify your request please do so. 

The ambient light default color will likely remain blue as blue is the Robox brand color and it is made so the user can set the light to white, both temporarily and permanently. The ambient light is not intended or advertised to indicate temperature and is used for machine identification for users with more than one machine and for error state indication. 

If you have consistently stuck filament in your extruder it is likely that you aren't storing your filament correctly and it is swelling from the heat. You must keep your filament away from the ambient air when not in use and must store the filament at 20% relative humidity or less or you will get issues, especially with ABS and PLA. If you see this behavior with properly stored and dried filament and it is consistent over all types of filament you are likely seeing a problem with the extruder module and will need to get support assistance to resolve the issue.

Posted : 10th January 2021 7:05 pm
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Thanks for the replies :) 

Another bug report:

Bug 3: I have bought and setup Root 4.02.00 with a Logitech C920 USB camera on it.

If I monitor the print from my Mac with 4.02.00 - after about 4-5 hours the camera part bugs out and Root becomes a lot less responsive. Once I lost most communication with the printer/root almost completely - and Root would become almost unresponsive. (RPI 3B)

This time I've just lost the camera for now - root seems to be responding. Camera "icon" just "disappeared from the main view. Restarting AutoMaker does not change things. Only a reboot of Root gives me the Camera view back.

So ? Memory leak in the camera handling ? 


Bug 4: Reported before from others - AutoMaker does not remember previously connected Root/Mote printers. Once I type in the IP address it connects fine and do not ask for PIN - so it does "remember" the printer. (My printer is on a different subnet/VLAN - but should not stop AutoMaker from finding Root)


Material handling: I have 3D printed and built printers since the first Ultimaker 1 "Ikea" flatpack kits. The filament is stored in dry-box @20% - not the CEL branded one - but the same box with different name on the front. The problem with the Robox Dual is the path to the top extruder. The path has too much of a bend - so it is too easy for brittle material to break in the "shaft" and it will stay in the shaft by its own accord - blocking other filament from coming in. Once the material have been twice through the extruder (in - then out on unload) - it will break a lot easier due to pressure from extruder. So it is my 3rd time fishing out CEL PLA from it. The lower extruder does not have the same issue. And I have not had the issue with ABS - only PLA (so far) but PLA can go very brittle after being exposed to heat - like sitting in the machine while printing from the other feeder. 

I have 2 Cel Robox Dual's :) and I really like them in general. They print well for the most part. For ABS they are almost as good as my Zortax M200 workhorse. (I have Ultimaker 2 "custom MOD'ded" - had the UM3 as well- but they are no good for general ABS print unless you want to "fiddle" all the time)

I think CEL could do a lot better talking about Mote/Root - it sure makes it easy to use the printers. 

But on my wish list is:

1. Read feed option/conversion - for those of us with dry boxes or stacking. Dryboxes usually have their outputs at the rear - so snaking Bowden tubes around in big circles to reach the side / "front" loading  is .. Ugly and annoying and increase resistance on material :) 

2. A straight in feed option with no excessive bends - or another way to get easy access to the feeder path.

3. A clear divider line on the feed input - it can be hard to differentiate between feeder 1 and 2 inputs. I have used a white marker pen to draw on the middle of the feeder input divider so above the white line is feeder 1 - below is feeder 2. :) 

4. A streaming Camera option for Mote/Root - the RPI 3B has more than enough horsepower to stream RTSP in realtime even in high resolutions - and it can do "still images" as well - while streaming. I do it with my security cameras via HOOBS removed link RTSP is really easy on the "clients side" as well. For top marks add the important print data as image overlay on the RTSP stream. (Layers/Print time remaining/temperatures) - then you could even monitor print progress via VLC or other RTSP capable screens. 

5. A camera check on the Mote (view camera) - to adjust camera and check lighting. 

6. A Root/Mote "reboot" option (if it stalls or camera stalls)

Topic starter Posted : 11th January 2021 3:43 pm
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You won't get #1 or #2 - the Robox Dual design doesn't allow for those changes and there are no plans to change the design of that printer. You will be looking at a new model in order to get these features. 

Brittle filament is wet filament. I have three Dual units and I have no filament feed issues except with wet material. 

I have run approximately 33 miles of filament through my Robox printers, so I have a little experience with them. Consistent material feed issues due to material breaking is the material, not the printer. I have run carbon fiber and filled filaments that are both brittle and stiff through that same curved filament path with no issues. Your material is the problem. 

Posted : 12th January 2021 2:18 am
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For some reason my forum msg above is still awaiting moderation..

Anyway - another "bug"

When running Root with camera - the camera is not visible if you have advanced settings enabled. The remote window with Camera image gets pushed below the visible part (dependent on screen resolution) - especially if you print dual material (the dual material settings window is very "deep" and push camera very low - mostly below the "visible" range on my screens (1440 pix MacOS)

Since there is no real reason for the picture of the printer in the middle - can't AutoMaker make better use of the screen so have 3 columns information vs the current 2? - or allow for "custom" sorting of the info windows - so one could put the camera on the left hand side vs now always on the right hand side?



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