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Robox reel spooler

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Because I've bought a couple of PLA reels from other suppliers, mainly because of the colour, they don't come on the Robox Smart Reels.  I looked around for a custom spooler to transfer them to a Smart Reel, but couldn't find anything that really worked for me.  So I decided that 3D printing allows me to make my own custom spooler.

I didn't want to bother with stands, so unconventionally I've designed it to lay flat and screwed or pinned to a base - this may change later.  So the Robox reel sits on the section that replicates the finger holes when loading the reel, but of course are standing locators in this case.  The top section replicates all 24 locking spigots distributed correctly on the internal diameter.  The top section is the one that rotates as you wind the filament on.

I made an allowance for a handle but find it easier to turn the top section by hand through the large holes.  Okay it's not automatic but it's convenient for me.

Topic starter Posted : 21st November 2016 12:06 pm
Steve H
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That looks simple but effective, thanks for sharing!

Posted : 22nd November 2016 12:23 pm
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I have reviewed my Robox spooler design and revised all the files completely (see image).  So if anyone has downloaded them from Thingiverse, please discard those and download the new ones.  I have now added spoolers for ColorFabb and CG Chemicals reels.  The design is laid out like a tape deck and you use both hands to turn both reels when transferring filament, so I have ditched the handle.  I have widened the Robox spooler stand to allow for the large reels from ColorFabb and CG Chemicals.  The important aspect is to load the filament anti-clockwise to the Robox smart reel, so that it feeds into the printer clockwise.  So there are location holes fro left or right filament transfer.

By the way the Robox spooler stand now fills the width of the Robox print bed completely with just a couple of millimetres to spare.

Topic starter Posted : 27th November 2016 2:09 pm
James Swailes
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@paulsroom Whatever happened to your spooler?  It looks great.   It's no longer on Thingiverse.

Posted : 14th October 2019 2:48 pm

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