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Micro Bee In The City

Steve N
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In Manchester there is a public display of over a 100 Bee In The City - see

Noticing how easy it was to recreate these out of primitives in OpenSCAD I built my own

After the success of the first one, I now have many, and thus far have given a few away.

Right now I still only have a 2014-era single colour setup, these would benefit from a two filament printer as these would be great to highlight some detail with colour

Currently working on splitting the base from the bee but getting the unsupported legs to remain stable during printing is proving a challenge...

Topic starter Posted : 6th August 2018 1:10 pm
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very worthy.

I would suggest making the wings and perhaps the antennae as separate parts and inserting them after.

This way you could print them flat to the bed at high speed and add more detail to make them look finer. You could also use a different filament colour or perhaps even a flexible filament.

You could make clip on stripes, eyes and stingers!

For official support please create a support ticket using this link

Posted : 8th August 2018 3:12 pm
Steve N
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Made a couple of changes to improve the quality:

1. I've tweaked the antennae so they're a bit fatter now - they print pretty well at 100% speed
2. The mandible/mouth rows are printed at a manually lowered 50% speed
3. I've split the model in two so the mount can be a different colour than the bee

Topic starter Posted : 9th August 2018 4:41 pm
Steve N
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Available on Thingiverse if anyone wants to try their own print

For both the full bee/mount or bee on its own print using Medium profile with supports at 100% speed - manually slow to 50% just before head mouth part starts to print and then restore to 100% speed when the head is sufficiently joined to the thorax.

The bee on its own has blocks affixed to end of feet to help hold teh legs steady until they meet the thorax - they will need to be carefully cut off when print complete and the separate bee can then be glued to the separate mount with the abdomen settled in the dimple on the mount top

Topic starter Posted : 3rd September 2018 10:09 pm

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