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[Solved] Version 2 board, bed heater


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Hi all.


Have 2 machines with version 2 board upgrades now.  Both have beds that are slow to heat and will just barely get to 90 deg C.  Anyone else notice this?



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I have not noticed this. The speed of my bed is the same between V1 and V2. I can hit 125C easily. I would check that the reported bed temperature is accurate using an external thermometer. I recommend a K-type thermocouple thermometer for the best results, with the smallest tip possible for fast reads. Put the tip right on the bed. You should not get a difference greater than 10C between the thermometer and the AutoMaker readout while it is heating and it should be within 5C during steady-state operation. 

If your thermometer reads higher than those limits you have a poorly seated thermistor and/or bad thermal paste which will lead to a blown thermal fuse eventually.

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I do not have access to the thermometer mentioned but can tell you by feel the thermostat on the machine is correct.

As an example the bed heated steadily from 26-95 over a period of 20 minutes and then maintained that temp.

I cant get the bed hotter as well but the heat time is so very long.

Is there some parameter that tells the bed how fast to heat?  

Should I check voltage somewhere to the bed?

@csnbailey Have you changed the power wires between the mainboard and the bed? That is the next thing I would look at if you haven't. Then also inspect the connection at the red wires where the bed power cable comes into the bed. Make sure the crimps are all in good condition and there are no broken strands.

I would get a thermometer like this one:
and test the bed to get actual results as this will be required for further troubleshooting.

There are parameters to check and the voltage is mains, so I do not recommend attempting to check it. The voltage is fine though since you are heating the bed properly. The problem will be the current, which is very hard to check safely unless you have the equipment to do so.

@csnbailey My V2 mainboard just started doing this. I am pretty sure the bed power wires are the issue, but I will change them this weekend and confirm.


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