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so I was seriously considering buying Simplify3D last year. Custom infills, processes, gcode preview - it all looks good.
Of course nothing other than AutoMaker took advantage of needle valves.

Do we have alternative fully-featured slicer today?

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Cura 3+ integration is close. I don't use S3D at all but from watching opinion in the facebook general 3D print groups (hilarious at times, mostly infuriating) it seems current Cura tools are preferable or at least comparable when users have both systems.

Visualisation tools are also planned for this release. They are pretty nice.


We do not currently intend to support other slicers.

For official support please create a support ticket using this link

Is there an update on when a new version of Automaker will be released? The information in the manual is different than the features presently available - I am assuming that these are features that were taken away at some point. Infill is very limited (compared to what is described in the manual) and the support features work poorly compared to Simplify3d. A status update would be helpful. I would gladly pay for an improved software toolchain - in fact I would pay for Simplfy3d if it was supported. The RoboxPro is not a "professional" grade printer in the $5k price range compared to other systems we have used. We bought the RoboxPro and enclosure as an upgrade.

A tool chain update with more extensive support capability, better infill options, better slicing, route optimization, and better interfaces between support and main body are needed. Also, it would be very helpful if you provided instructions for use of the dehumidify enclosure - I ended up printing my own interface brackets. If you want the STL let me know and I will email them. 

Status update?

Thanks - Joe.



Hi Marcin, long time no see :-)   I've just released Robox Printer,  Extruder  and mesh definitions for the Robox Dual 0.4mm, Quickfill and Single X on the Unofficial Facebook page..  Im just trying to figure out how to lock away some of the IPR in the post processing script,, but if it gets too hard then I'll just release it for free and maybe people will feel like giving me a donation for the efforts.  


Next job is to submit to CURA for full integration.   IF you want a copy of the current files give me a shout on the facebook forum.


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Please how can I slice with AutoMaker WITHOUT running the printer? Sure hope the planned visualization tools planned for the next release help achieve this basic workflow convenience. Right now I hit Make, the printer groans, I hit Cancel after Slicing complete, then go grab the files from the PrintJob folder to preview on an online GCODE viewer.

The reason I need this so badly is the AutoMaker v3.02.00 slicing process is producing some wild results which I'm trying to make sense of.

Thin walls are sometimes sliced correctly in the "standard" 069830cde4e546a2.gcode but the 069830cde4e546a2_robox.gcode that gets sent to the printer fails to slice walls to 1 extrusionWidth thick. I've tried tweaking it by adding 0.01mm or other small values, but there is no apparent pattern to these failures.

Latest Cura can handle it consistently fine, Slic3r too. Using a Kickstarter Edition Robox.

I'm working with OpenSCAD and I want to be able to predictably make 1 line walls. 

More discussion here:


Not really related to this question, but...

There is a new feature in the upcoming release called Create Dummy Printer. This allows you to create prints without a printer attached, it includes several configurations so you can choose a head and material. The files can besaved for reprint later or use in the visualiser.


@palindrom I have used Simplify 3D, but it's only "recommended" using a QuickFill head, but of course it will work with an Olsson ruby head with a little tweak.

I wouldn't recommend it with a Dual Material head, as it doesn't work properly. They are working on a version 5, which will be a paid upgrade, but I've no idea if any post processing improvements or function additions will exist. As far as the latest Ultimaker Cura goes, this will work if post processed properly, and it's no different in principle to the "slicer mapping" that goes on in the existing Automaker post processing, except CEL omit functionality and group functions together to simplify things, but years later this is stagnating user choice.

If you write a proper printer definition for each head type in Cura 4, and apply the right post processing, the Robox printer is none the wiser, and you'll reap the benefits of a more tweakable interface, with the added complexity and necessary understanding to use this correctly. It won't send files to print like the Automaker does, so requires a USB on connection (there are ways around this - more scripting), and there's no or ever likely to be be official CEL support, as well as the perceived complexity to first time users, although Ultimaker have simplified the UI lately), and the dreaded lack of warranty

This complexity is the negative, as even Ultimaker, make mistakes with their own printers, and have to add corrections/bug fixes, with their expertise levels. However, the huge difference with their approach is the external community find these, and develop the software further, which gets arbitrated and included, and benefits all users and cuts out the development time. The positives, are the print quality is much improved, support structure is more developed, and gives real world benefits, the slicing visualisation is very good, (once configured), and the preview modes do capture small changes with tweaked settings.

Unfortunately CELs slicer roadmap is via closed source in-house development, using Automaker as their slicing tool choice. Yes, it's great for first time users, but totally inadequate for discerning professional users that understand 3D printing, so you just have to hope that things will improve. It's been a long wait :)


PS I don't go on Facebook much, but there are some good tweaks outside of this forum, that do make a Robox printer, quieter, reduce maintenance, and give better print quality. I don't find that infuriating, it should be an end goal. 



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