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Root case printed with different heights on left & Right


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Printed a Root Case on RBX-01 but didn't print with correct dimensions.

Case was printed in Draft Mode as a test

Anyone have any idea why this happened?


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Left Side


Can you move the gantry up and down more than about 4 mm on either side?
When your print started, did the head touch all 9 points or did it have a false trigger in one of them?
If you run Level Gantry under Maintenance, does it adjust the level of the gantry? I would run it more than once just to be sure, and observe it to see what happens. If it adjusts multiple times there is a mechanical issue with the gantry.
Once you can provide that data I may be able to give you better troubleshooting steps.

Ok thx for reply
will have a look at points you've mentioned
Do you know what type of toothed belt is on x axis?


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