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Robox Dual doesn't power on  


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I have a Roboxdual which doesn't start or switch on

No Light No nothing


Have started it in safe mode through usb & it is recognised by Automaker


Have removed LH side panel

No Power Led  visible

Usb Red Led on


Any ideas, could it just be Power Switch?


Have already raised a ticket so please don't just post that as an answer

Looking for assistance from community not just a stock answer to contact robox support

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@dounebank The most common source of this issue is a problem with the power service to the printer. This happens more than you would think. Make sure you have good power to the printer by removing anything between the wall outlet and the printer and use the factory power cable. Make sure the outlet is active as some are switched.

If you are getting good power to the printer: Sometimes during shipping the large ferrite coil on the power cable will pop the power cable connector out of the mainboard. With the printer unplugged from USB and power, remove the left side panel and look in the upper back corner of the electronics enclosure for a red and black cable just above the extruder. If it is loose, locate the large ferrite core that is somewhere in the electronics bay and throw it away. Then locate the 24V input connector right on the edge of the curved part of the mainboard. It will be a two-pin oriented plug that matches the one on the power cable. Insert the plug on the red and black cable into the connector and ensure it is seated properly. If you seat it in reverse you will destroy the mainboard. The plug is oriented so please make sure you match up the shapes on the plug to the shapes on the connector. 

If these do not work you will need to wait for a reply from Support as it is likely the power supply has failed. 

These are the best solutions I can provide with the information you have given.

Perfect, that was the issue, connection was loose
With Ferrite core detached from where it was glued to wall of printer.
What purpose does the circular ferrite core have or do?think
Must be there for a reason?
Throw it away or just glue back into wall


The ferrite core does nothing. Throw it away. I think it was a factory error.

Apparently ferrite core is required for certification purposes and serves no real purpose


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