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Removing X Carriage RHS Screw Type  



I want to remove X Carriage RHS as there is a blockage right at end of Bowden Tube behind X carriage Head Support .

Was wondering does anyone know what the screw Type & Size (T8?) to take off plate to enable rods to pivot to remove head carrier (see Photo for location)

Thanks for any assistance provided

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If you will open a support ticket, CEL Support will provide you with a walk-through on how to do what you need to do without breaking your printer, including what tools you need and how to get around any tricky points. 

Blockage in the Bowden tube is usually due to wet filament or using PLA with another material and bypassing the PLA mode option. The Bowden tube usually has to be replaced since the filament swells to fill the Bowden tube and can't be easily removed. Once you open a support ticket they can assist you to determine what parts you may need as well as the best way to go about making the replacement. 

It looks like you also need to clean and lubricate your Z screws, so go to the support page on the CEL Robox website, create an account if you don't have one already, and log in. Then search for Lubrication and you will get the maintenance instructions. You may also be able to find the walk-through for changing the Bowden tube but it may be set so that you can only see it if you have a direct link.

Thanks for your Reply and time taken, always appreciated
but that Just doesn't answer the question posed.
we all know standard answer to any question in forum is to open a CEL support ticket.
Regarding 'wet filament'
had already printed several items yesterday over few hours with same reel but
on final print printer went into error code due to filament feed.

while if someone just posted correct size I could order, receive within 24 hrs & repair what I want
but again thanks for Reply

But did find dual head instruction in CEL Support which indicates a T6 screwdriver is required
Thx again


For Info: I don't have any Torx (Star) screwdrivers below T10 & want to buy appropriate type & Size


So it looks like I pointed you to the answer to your question after all.

Make sure you follow the directions! If you don't it can cause damage that can disable your printer until you can return it for repair.

There are only two causes to filament jams just behind the X-Carriage: 1. Wet filament is heated by the print bed until it softens and jams. This is caused by using too hot a bed temperature. 2. Wet filament. The water in the filament heats up and expands the filament to fill the Bowden tube until it jams the filament. You will need to check both of these and likely replace your Bowden tube.


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