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Is there an Automaker application available for a Raspberry Pi. The Shed has been asked to exhibit at a local senior citizen's fair and I would like to show that us old wrinklies can still cut the mustard with modern day technology so I would like to take the 3D printer along but don't really fancy taking my laptop as well. I can afford to lose a Pi but I would devastated if somebody damaged my laptop. Any ideas?

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You could install Root and connect this to a screen, Mote is the full package which is Root and a touchscreen.

Root does not slice models though, you can access a reprint list and send the files to the printer but you would need to slice these files in advance.

For official support please create a support ticket using this link

@farehammensshed if you contact us we can help you get this set up with a large screen, mouse and keyboard mouse so people can see what is happening. The display is portrait mode so it would be better if the screen can be rotated 90°

I was hoping that somebody might come back with an answer like that - if you could give me contact details I shall be in touch. I have a couple of spare 17" monitors that I am sure can be pressed into service. I guess that the biggest question is " Will Cura generate a file from version 4 that is compatible with the printer?" From reading the manual it seemed to me that CEL had modified the g-code file specifically for the printer which is why I was a bit dubious about doing anything without guidance.


Couldn't we just install the Automaker on a Pi and run the printer from that? 

No, not really. A slicing engine uses a lot of processor time to cut a 3D model into layers and make all the decisions about toolpaths. A pi would be very slow, not impossible though.


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