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Problems using Polymaker Polysupport


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Has anyone also had problems when the last filament used in a print head was Polymaker Polysupport?

I have had two problems with this as one of the common factors. Not necessarily both or either caused by Polysupport, but in each case the head was last used with this material and then stood idle for a couple of days, whereupon the first time I had to do a full strip down of the extruder and the second time about three manual purges with a different material (PETG). I'm thinking maybe Polysupport doesn't like being left in the head for any time at all.

@dave-snowden I use PolySupport extensively and leave it loaded between prints frequently. I have never had a problem with PolySupport. Can you provide more detail on what behavior led you to disassemble the extruder and do manual purges?


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First time - support ticket and talked through the strip down by robox support - second - software purge not effective but very tiny amount of material emerged using ‘clear stuck material’ so knew was probably not the extruder and did manual purge . First probably not quick enough, second worked.

@dave-snowden I would like to help but you aren't giving me much to work with. I will need a lot more detail in order to try to diagnose what is happening. Please use full complete sentences and provide as much detail and information as possible. If you aren't interested or able to do so, please open a support ticket to get further assistance.


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