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print head needs to be adjusted on the gantry  



Good Morning, it seems like my print head is about an inch to the right, is there a way to calibrate this or do you just jump a couple of teeth on the motors. it was fine until i calibrated the new print head, please let me know how to correct.

Do you have a cable chain behind the print head or a mesh sleeve?
An inch seems to be more than I have seen in the past and changing the print head should not cause this. If you can take a picture it may help.

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Ben i will take a picture a little later on i have something printing as soon as that is done i will take some pictures and send then to you, if you are asking about where the wires and stuff are mounted into there is a expandable sleeving that the wires and bowden tube are put thru. it is about a half inch from the rubber that cleans off the purge in the beginning. this is what the picture is showing where it heated the material then purged to start.

Thank you

Mike Sigg


picture did not post so here is the one picture, this shows some of the offset


Ben, Here is a picture of the side of the unit that shows the sleeving


Before every operation the print head homes itself against the left side of the printer. For it to be off by that much, the X limit switch has to be triggered earlier than normal. If you watch the home operation, does the print head and X-Carriage touch the left side of the printer or does it stop some distance off the left side?


This panel will help you test the operation of the switches. It is normally visible on the Status page which is the top tab on the left side of all the projects.

If it is not visible click the top right cog to open Preferences>Advanced>Diagnostics and tick it.

While the printer is connected to AutoMaker and turned on this panel will show live information from the printer.

When the printer is idle, push the head all the way to the left side with your hand. The X limit light should come on in the panel. The Y limit switch is activated when the bed is pushed all the way to the back wall. Z limit detects the nozzle touching the a surface, eg the print surface. Tip the head backward to activate this switch and light the light in the panel. Z+ limit is a safety at the top of Z travel. Other indicators are obvious except index which strobes while filament is moving.

For official support please create a support ticket using this link


Did you solve this, was it the limit switch?

as I'm having same issue, resulting in the mini purge at beginning of a print is totally missing the wiper.


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