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I am just ordering a new 3d printer.

What sort of life span can I expect from the print heads?


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This depends mostly on how well you take care of it. 

The warranty for print heads is 100 days from the date of purchase or 500 print hours, whichever comes first, since the print head is a consumable, wear item. 

Print heads can last up to 2000 print hours if they are well cared for. Regular maintenance includes:

1. Purging the print head every 10-15 print hours or at the end of a print longer than that time if you are using PLA or ABS.

2. Purging every 50-75 hours for most other materials. 

3. Keeping your filament dry.

4. Keeping your filament clean.

5. Using high-quality filament.

6. Do not attempt to remove the nozzles for any reason.

7. Do not damage the nozzles in any way, including cleaning them with abrasive materials like ScotchBrite or sandpaper. 

There is always the small chance of a factory defect. If you have a failure that is covered under the warranty the print head will be repaired or returned provided you are able to provide documentation on a support ticket of the failure and purchase date. 

Thankyou so much, Very helpful. So much to learn with a new machine, and not just how to use it!!


My first head (twin nozzle, single filament - manuf date wk 41 yr 2014) lasted 1,922 days before the seal burst - having said that I only printed 743m of mostly PLA in that time

The second head (upgraded twin nozzle, single filament - manuf date wk 47 yr 2017) has been in 248 days and has printed 682m of PLA in that time without issue


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