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pause printing processe to insert metal part  



Dear all

I like to insert a metal part (a screw nut) at a specific layer numer and after this, printing should go further. So that the metal part is covered from printed plastic at the end.

Is there a possibility to say the printer, that he shall stop at layer xy? Otherways, I have to wait all the time next to the printer, to catch the right time to pause the printing process manualy.

Thanks and kind regards


2 Answers

At this time you will need to wait for the proper layer and stop it manually. This feature may be added at a later time as part of the Pro version of AutoMaker. 


How can I add the pause at height function in AM Pro?

@82_andreas At this time you can't add this feature to my knowledge. It has been discussed but isn't currently available. If you would like further information please open a support ticket.


It is reasonably easy to add a pause in a text editor. Mistakes in this code can damage hardware or create safety issues. Any gcode sent to the printer which is not made entirely by AutoMaker is entirely at your own risk.

  1. Create a part.
  2. Print it to create the gcode, but pause and cancel after Post Processing but before the print starts.
  3. Edit the gcode to include a pause [M1] at the appropriate layer and any other movements eg lifting the nozzle up and out of the way. You can find the gcode in "\Documents\CEL Robox\PrintJobs" in a randomly named folder, just sort by most recent. The file to edit is named with this string of characters but ends with "_robox.gcode" eg "abd71561d5eb4a2e_robox.gcode"
    The image below is from Repetier host which is a easy to find. The lower part of the design is printed then a pause line is reached. M1 is the same as pressing the pause button on the side of Robox. The printer will wait for you to interact at this point, you can add them as needed.
  4. Start the print using the list in the Reprint menu, wait for the pause and insert the part.
  5. Unpause to continue. You can press the button on the printer or use the software to resume.


For official support please create a support ticket using this link


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