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Is there a way making a horizontal expansion setting (elephant's foot in Prusa) in the Robox slicer? Having used it on my Ultimaker printer, it provides just enough size reduction to obtain a perfect fit.

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Hi Paul 


It was added to the Automaker OS work I did over a year ago, but not using the very latest Cura update. It should function the same, but haven't looked at the changes since.




Whereabouts are these settings in Automaker? Are they only in Auto9maker Pro? (which I don't have)



No Pro doesn't have them. The Open Source version of Cura was released by CEL years ago, and I made some changes to this along with others. My changes were a quick UI bodge to implement some of the Cura 4.11?? feature sets IIRC, and have been dormant for a while since my initial work. At the moment the current build allows Tree Support and a few more bells and whistles, like One At A Time Printing or sequential printing of multiple objects, as well as a Variable Layer Height. There is work on incorporating Cura5 beta into Automaker, but someone is just getting around a legacy bug in Automaker to make it work with the Dual and QuickFill heads. There is no installer at the moment, although we have a licence to make one, as long as the code stays Open Source, but if you copy your original CEL folder in your Program Files and rename it, you can add the enhanced files by copy and pasting them into various folders 3-4 or so. You will also get a working GCodeViewer, that will allow you to preview the Print. There is the unofficial Robox Group on Facebook, that will point you to the files. If I add an email address, it usually gets stripped out by a moderator

I cannot find the Robox Group on Facebook, it keeps showing me Roblox only.

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I cannot find the Robox Group on Facebook. It keeps coming up with Roblox only.

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Sorry - found it. With regard to horizontal expansion I had always found that the Robox created fit problems without it. I have printed 6mm screws and internal threads on my Ultimaker 3 using horizontal expansion of -.15

The Ultimaker 3 generally works well but does occassionally present an error. This is the case for X-Y switches at the moment. But the Robox works fine when I don't need such a tight capability fit in mating parts.

I much prefer the Robox as it it's easy top use and very clear on displaying a lot of information.


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