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Head & bed cable  



Hi could anyone tell me what parts I need to make up my own cable for the head And the power wire for the heated bed what silicon wire size and what size Molex connector And pin size please 

I suggest you open a support ticket. These aren't things to be messing with on your own. The bed cable is direct AC current and is very dangerous if you get it wrong. There is also a set of steps you should take to ensure that your bed cable is actually the issue and it isn't the thermal fuse. If your bed cable has broken your mainboard may also be damaged and support can assist you with determining if that is the problem.
The head power cable should not fail if you are using the upgraded X-Carriage with the cable chain. If you install the head power cable backwards it will damage the mainboard. Support can help make sure you do this correctly.

Thanks for that BHudson it’s one of the first robox made so it’s not got the upgraded parts on it the problem I have had is the connectors have got where there is play in them from the hour it’s run over the years and and I was just going to fit new ones but I have decided to hard wire the connections now to stop the problem from happening again so that’s what I have done today and done 2 print today that was 3 hours long and it’s the best the printer has run for a long time it’s been constant with bed and head temperatures but I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this it was my choice to do it as I opened a ticket over a week ago for a new bed cable but it’s still not been delivers so it will come in handy for the other robox I have when ever it turns up but I can’t use the other print until cel get some more parts in stock as I need a x carrage pcb for that one so had to do something to get me up and running
Thank you for taking the time to reply 👍

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Answered by Ben in comments

For official support please create a support ticket using this link


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