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My Robox dual head printer has been dormant for some considerable time. But then a week or so ago I brought it back in use. It printed everything perfectly. I performed a couple of purges and the results were as they should be. Now the printer suddenly starteed produce a horrible grinding noise and not printing. Is this a misalignment of the print head or something else and is there any way I can check what's wrong? The filament I'm using is a clean unopened reel but has been in its sesaled bag for some time. I'd rather see if there's a way of resolving my issue first than by buying a new reel which may not work anyway.

I've done the tests for X, Y and Z axes. They are okay except at the point where the print head lowers for the print nozzle to the print bed. The noise occurrs here every time. None of the prints I done exceed any of the lmit and the surface has been excellent

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Your printer needs to be cleaned and re-lubricated. Instructions are on the support site. If that doesn't solve it, you will need replacement Z screw assemblies and replacement Z nuts. 

@bhudson I performed a 'level gantry' instruction through the software and the gantry visibly moved. It seemed to level through a lot of noise with the two rods holding the printhead actually level to the top. But then when it came back down the offset was apparent and an error notice appeared. Is the rod it's referring just behind the Z axis rod? It doesn't say in which direction to turn the threaded rod.

Do not continue to operate the printer until you have completed the cleaning and maintenance instructions from the support site! If you do you may permanently jam the Z screws.


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