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Extruded filament not sticking to the bed


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Hi. Total newbie, just got a Robox for som small print projects i had in mind.

First of, very disapointet i cannot get the newest software without an authorisationcode because the software says the SN is invalid and tech-support is on leave untill end of september... but ok... i try to run with the delivered version until support can actually support their product.

Did some smallprint tests, everything seemed fine and today, out of the blue... the filament is not sticking to the bed. Wanted to do the 3Dbenchy model just for fun and kicks... but apparently the will of the Gods (your own personal choice) says different.

I can see the filament is fed, it extrudes fine (of what i can see) and when it tries to print, the filament just curles around and sticks to the nozzle instead or just extrudes, stiffens and gets pulled around making a mess all over at the same time.

Tried cleaning the bed, tried the gluestick fix, cleaned the bed again... still the same.

The setting of the printer is on "Fine" (so no tinkering in custom).
Temps are what the Robox has as standard.
The filament is the ABS Chroma Green.

Mind you... everything was unboxed yesterday... so it is brand new, tho purchased a ways back and i therefor have no returnoption left (my own fault, i know).

Any tips or suggestions?

@jannickdk ABS is hard to print with because it doesn't like to stick to any print surface. Is your print surface shiny or not shiny? If it is shiny, the ABS will not stick. Your print bed may have two surfaces, one shiny and one not. If you are using the shiny side, flip the print surface plate for the best results, though even for ABS you may have issues.

Glue stick only works with PLA; it won't work with ABS. I don't recommend ABS for any user that isn't highly experienced with 3D printing as it is very difficult to get good prints with. Get started with PLA or PETG. 

Did you do the nozzle calibration that is required before you operate the Robox? 

Hi BHudson. Thanks for the reply.

It being on a shiny surface... might be it. However, both sides are smoth. So guess i'll have to look into sanding one side then - which apparently you have suggested to another user. Thanks for that. Will try printing with the PLA filament a bit then.

And regarding the calibration... no such thing was asked at installation or in the software i'm stuck with (till support is back from annual leave in a month), i dont have that option in the software.

@jannickdk What version of the software do you have? If you have a smooth on both sides sheet your printer is very old. Those beds were replaced about four years ago.
Make sure you have the most recent version of the software and sand the bed. I use 320 grit and a random orbit sander, but you can do it by hand also.
PLA should stick to the shiny surface but you may get warping.
Calibrate is right at the bottom of the Automaker window, fifth button from the left. Use PLA to calibrate. You only need to do it once.


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