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[Solved] Compiling open source automaker?


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Great news that automaker software comes under an open source licence now. I had to have a go at compiling to become familiar with it but couldn't get any further than compiling configuration in netbeans (which I have never used before but get the gist of) because of dependencies of the other files on configuration. I do like to tinker and learn and may be able to further development.

However, I'm not familiar with compiling java and the environment settings. As this is on git which I cloned, do I have have to change anything regarding repositories to be stand alone or how can I compile with the dependencies? Apologies for this rather noobish question, but it's something I'm not familiar with and it makes sense to ask here. 

Many thanks, 



Edit: apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum

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Hi All,

Managed to compile after firing a few neurons! Version number for each dependency needed to be correct ie target configuration was version 1.4 once compiled but 1.3 in the pom file of Stenographer. Silly me.



Hi! Congratulations!
Can you tell us/my which Java IDE you used?
Or a little tutorial that you could also become successful yourself?!


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As outlined in the readme file I have used NetBeans. I had to include the plugins to use it. I downloaded automakerOS as a zipfile as I couldn't clone the code. I also had to change the mop.xml file in Stenography to reflect the configuration version (1.4 instead of 1.3) and target version (1.11 instead of 1.10). Just follow the readme. It's not too difficult. I renamed the .jar file and lib folder in automaker in case I needed to return to the original files and used drag and drop to put the new files in place rather than use the command line (easier to do). GCodeViewer is missing files and doesn't compile but for some reason the original worked in linux. I've posted more details of 'how' in the facebook 'unofficial' users robox site.
Hope that helps.



Thanks a lot!!! I had also found out that I need Netbeans. I didn't read the readme file before. (stupid)
After 2 days I have now managed to compile completely. But only under Linux with english language version. The Linux version seems to be fully functional (AutoMaker & GCodeViewer) ,I think. And it seems that it also works fully under Windows.
Everything else then in the Facebook group.
Thanks again!


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Hi Steffen,

Great to hear of your success! The challenges will be making improvements to Automaker with more options for cura etc.

All the best,


Some of this is compromised by the JavaFX GUI, which won't allow some option enabling, as it stands :)
I also downloaded Netbeans earlier today, I think it was the standard 12.2 397Mb version, so will look at the other options before I compile. I know Henry Gibson spotted the pom.xml version number issue that stopped the compilation, but he has got Linux (Ubuntu) & macOS versions of GCodeViewer to run too. I'm still modding my "clone", but well done to all so far.


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