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[Solved] Cleaning nozzle during print  



I can pause midprint, but can I move the head away from the print to clean it, then carry on?

How do I do that? Thanks.

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@bigdaz You will need to have the door open and Advanced Mode active. Press the pause button in AutoMaker or click the eject button on the left side of the machine once to pause it. Then use the X, Y, and Z controls in AutoMaker to move the head and bed to where you want them. Just be aware that if you hit the end of the travel in any axis you will disrupt the print and have to start over. AutoMaker does not screen your input for commands that will hit the end of travel, so you will have to be careful. 

Once you have the cleaning completed, continue the print by clicking the Resume button in AutoMaker or clicking the eject button on the printer once. The printer will return to its last saved printing position and resume the print. You do not need to move the head back to the print position manually. 

If you are seeing situations where you need to clean the nozzles frequently during a print there is likely something else going wrong that needs to be addressed. You may want to open a support ticket if you see material coming from the nozzles when they are supposed to be closed or material coming down from above the nozzles. 

Cool, many thanks.

I have had stringing in the past and wanted to just pause to cut it off but didn't know if I could move the head. 


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