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[Solved] Bed heater not reaching setpoint - unable to print  


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I have four dual material printers.  Two of them are not working for the same reason:

Printing ABS with a bed temperature of 125C. The printer starts heating the bed and eventually heats the print head. At between 104C and 113C the heater no longer raises the bed temperature - it will hold around 108C. The print head reaches the correct temperature, then the printer waits for the bed to heat up. I have a screenshot of the temperature graph but cannot attach it here.

The most recent failure was on a printer that is less than a month old.  

Now I cannot ship the printers to Mr Hudson due to the costs because I am in Canada. What can I do to fix this myself?  Has anyone else seen this and if so what was the problem and the cure. If it is as simple as a loose connection then surely this can be prevented.


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@arbutus Stop using the printer immediately. The bed power cable may be breaking and if you continue to use the printer it may short and destroy the mainboard. Please open a support ticket to get assistance with this issue.

Please also note that North American support and service through CEL has been discontinued; I have changed careers and am no longer able to perform support for CEL. All support tickets go the UK team. Due to Covid the response times are long, but if your printer is only a month old you will want to wait on their response to ensure you are covered under warranty. 


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